Ziemianin kontra książę, czyli pierwsze bezpośrednie wybory prezydenckie w Czechach

  1. Renata Rusin Dybalska ORCiD: 0000-0002-1738-5985


A landowner versus a prince, or the first direct presidential election in the Czech Republic

In the article the author analyses the first direct presidential election in the Czech Republic, held in January 2013. She discusses the course and specificity of the election campaigns of two candidates who made it to the second round, namely Miloš Zeman and Karl Schwarzenberg. Drawing on selected forms of communication, most often used in communication with voters, the author examines the main topics tackled in the campaign, mechanisms used to present them as well as the results they brought. The election strategies emerging from the analysis also


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Oblicza Komunikacji

7, 2014, Język polityki – historia i współczesność

Pages from 143 to 162

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