„Twój głos w Twoim domu”: cztery typy tabloidyzacji

  1. Zbigniew Bauer


“Your voice in your house”: four types of tabloidization


The article contains a thesis that research on tabloids and tabloidization is, in its very nature, tinged with ideology, as its subject is a uniquely created axiological construct with its place in culture being negatively prejudged. The article will present broadcaster actions from an interactionism perspective, mainly the theory of framing. Taking the original meaning of the word “tabloid” as a starting point, the article discusses four aspects, or rather “levels,” of tabloidization: the concentration of the message content and its intensification (using limited visual codes, among others), the strategy of eliminating the complications in the interpretation of reality (based on appeals to a “common sense” category and stereotypes, among others), the strategy of “elimination of the media appeal of the message” (effective thanks to an illusion of a total transparency of the medium itself being created) and the strategy of “being friends with the audience” (appealing to their resentments and phobias which — according to a key rule: create yourself a reader — are presented as obvious human needs, impossible to articulate because of the oppressive value system, created by the Others, most of the time being associated with the authority or authorities built on suspicious grounds).

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Oblicza Komunikacji

3, 2010, Tabloidyzacja języka i kultury

Pages from 37 to 47

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