Niemiecka lingwistyka dyskursu — próba bilansu i perspektywy

  1. Waldemar Czachur
  2. Dorota Miller


German discourse linguistics — an assessmentand prospects

The aim of the article is to examine the post-structuralist approach to discourse — characteristic of German linguistics — as a unit going beyond the boundaries of the text, regarded as a point of reference for an analysis of specific texts, and to present German studies dealing with discourse linguistics. In this context the authors present various approaches, rooted in linguistic traditions, to discourse analysis in Germany, as well as a concept of discourse linguistics methodology developed by Ingo H. Warnke and Jürgen Spitzmüller (2008, 2011).

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Oblicza Komunikacji

5, 2012, Analiza dyskursu centrum–peryferie

Pages from 25 to 43

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