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Klepsydry z lat 1946–1949 — wyjątkowe świadectwo powojennych losów

  1. Marta Śleziak ORCiD: 0000-0003-4297-7728


Obituaries 1945–1949 — valuable post-war period ephemera

The article makes Polish obituaries from post-war period the centre of attention. Obituaries seem to be particularly important for researchers because of being a part of ephemera — items expected to have only short-term usefulness, that have never been analyzed by linguists. Thanks to Wroclaw University Library collection, it is possible to analyze the unique obituaries published in so-called Regained Territories in very post-war period. Firstly, there is an association with other popular funeral genre (published in press) discussed. Then, there are three aspects taken under consideration: structure of obituary (composition, symbols, typical phrases), language (stylistics, syntax, values), reference to political and social reality.

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9, 2016, Medialne i propagandowe oblicza wojny

Strony od 85 do 94

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