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Пoляки в Kpимy y 20–30 poки XX cтoлiття

  1. Олександр Пронкевич


During the last few years Europe is heading the problem of refugees. Nowadays there are 125 ethnicities in Crimea. Poles constitute one of these groups, and it is not the smallest one. A part of the contemporary community of Crimean Poles are the descendants of Polish refugees, who came to the peninsula in the first half of the 20th century. The present article is based on an analysis of the data from Crimean archives referring to the given topic. Published materials may arise the interest of not only historians but can be also useful for people willing to re-establish family ties, as well as in the process of solving problems connected with the refugees, whose number in the contemporary world is still getting higher.

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8, 2015, Wojna, język, pamięć

Strony od 57 do 66

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