Przestrzeń aksjologiczna mediów popularnych i jakościowych

  1. Jan Pleszczyński


The axiological dimension of popular and high-quality media


The importance various media attach to epistemic values constitutes a criterion for differentiating between high-quality and popular media. Certainly, epistemic values are not as important in the hierarchy of values that is present in popular media as it is the case with quality media. One has to remember, however, that epistemic values are not the only values that are significant. Thus, it cannot be ascertained whether quality media are “better” than “popular” if the analysis is based solely on epistemic values. Yet, what can be verified is that quality media meet higher epistemic standards. In the article I try to broadly outline axiological dimensions of both types of media. What I consider to be the axiological dimension is a set of all the positive and negative values (values and antivalues) present in these media.

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Oblicza Komunikacji

3, 2010, Tabloidyzacja języka i kultury

Pages from 75 to 88

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