Dyskursywne konstruowanie wizerunku władzy przez współczesną polską prawicę (wokół reformy emerytalnej i Euro 2012)

  1. Bernadetta Ciesek


Discursive construction of the image of power by the contemporary right in Poland (around the pension reform and Euro 2012)

In the article the author examines the conceptualisation of the notion of power by the contemporary right in Poland. Its methodological basis is provided by studies of the image of the world constructed from a specific point of view integrated with a discourse analysis. In this approach power is seen as a linguistic construct, while various profiles reveal close links to socio-cultural determinants as well as ideological codes. Discursive strategies employed in this case take advantage of the bipolarity of the assessment of social phenomena with stereotypical value judgements, emotionalisation of utterances and dichotomous division of the world.


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Oblicza Komunikacji

7, 2014, Język polityki – historia i współczesność

Pages from 173 to 186

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