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Definicja kognitywna terminów „tabloid” i „tabloidyzacja”. O pułapkach różnorodnych znaczeń

  1. Bogusław Skowronek


Cognitive definition of the terms “tabloid” and “tabloidization.” On the traps of diverse meanings


In my article I show how phrases “tabloid” and “tabloidization” are defined by Polish students and clerks. In surveyed groups’ definitions we can see their unambigiously negative judging. They emphasized such aspects of tabloids as: telling not true and not important stories, fascination with celebrities, creating scandals, big photos and headlines, simplicity of language and characteristic group of readers: uneducated and common people. Paradoxically, this type of defining is close to a model of world created by tabloids: based on division “we–they”, unambiguous judging, simplifying and stereotypization.

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3, 2010, Tabloidyzacja języka i kultury

Strony od 23 do 36

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