Zastosowanie metod językoznawstwa korpusowego i lingwistyki kwantytatywnej w analizie dyskursu

  1. Aleksandra Pawlikowska


Application of the methods of corpus linguistics and quantitative linguistics in discourse analysis

The article raises the problem of a possibility of carrying out discourse analysis by means of corpus-based and quantitative methods. Discourse studies use various research methods, which are mostly qualitative. Corpus-based and statistics-based linguistics, on the other hand, offer many tools that can be used to study discourse, beginning with electronic concordance and ending with calculations making it possible to discover similarity in texts and genres, marked lexis, key words, etc. The author briefly describes these methods in the article. She also provides basic information about the structure of a specialist corpus and the selection of a representative sample of texts, which constitute a given discourse.

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Oblicza Komunikacji

5, 2012, Analiza dyskursu centrum–peryferie

Pages from 111 to 125

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