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Obraz polityków, urzędników i administracji państwowej w „Fakcie” i „Super Expressie”

  1. Ewa Dulna-Rak
  2. Anna Niepytalska-Osiecka


Lazy, loafers and thieves, the image of politicians and government officials on the pages of tabloids “Fakt” and “Super Express”

The main objective of this study was to present an image of the ruling group representatives (politicians and government officials) shaped by the language of the editors of tabloid newspapers. The study was conducted using the sample of hundreds of press clippings from “Fakt” and “Super Express” (“SE”) from the years 2005–2009. Most newspaper clippings were taken from the online editions of the newspapers (, The analysis of the language material showed that the image of the ruling group presented in the “SE” and “Fakt”, is not so much reflected in the language of these newspapers, but is rather intentionally linguistically shaped by the editors of tabloids. This image is created — of course — not only by linguistic elements, but also by the skillful manipulation of the reader and exploiting psychological techniques.

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4, 2011, Tabloidy — język, wartości, obraz świata

Strony od 273 do 281

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